Hijack is the alter ego of young street artist, Jacques Guetta. Born in 1992, he is a prodigy in his own right and one of the most talked-about, up and coming artists in today’s contemporary art scene. Hijack’s works are a revelation in street art - imaginative, brilliantly constructed and seen in cultural hot spots all over the globe, from Los Angeles to London. As he’s evolved as an artist, Hijack has crafted a persona, inspired by the spirit of music and the poetry of everyday moments, that creates colorful and meaningful perspectives on life.

Based in Los Angeles and the son of world-famous pop artist and filmmaker, Mr. Brainwash, Hijack started as an underground street artist, silently stenciling the streets at night. He targeted Los Angeles’ most heavily trafficked areas - from the hikers in Runyon Canyon to the tourists of Melrose Avenue. Whether his work was on display for an hour, or a month, Hijack created a moment of serenity and introspection for LA’s fast-paced culture.

In April 2013, Hijack’s took the UK art scene by storm with his gallery debut at the prestigious Mead Carney fine art gallery on Dover Street in London. The show was so highly anticipated that it sold out and extended, due to high demand. Works including, “Never too Young to Dream Big” and “Perfection is False,” struck a chord with the crowd. And that wasn’t just happening inside the gallery. When Hijack hit the street, spraying a stencil of “Never too Young to Dream Big” in London, it caused a sensation, quickly catching the attention of UK news outlets and websites. The Mead Carney exhibition garnered a slew of buzz and Hijack’s landmark debut was featured in Art of England’s June 2013 issue, Huffington Post UK, The Art Newspaper, & The Telegraph, to name a few.

In October of 2013, Hijack was invited, along with Mr. Brainwash, to do an exhibit at the Dieresis Cultural Center in Guadalajara, Mexico. The exhibit was extended for months, attracting large crowds, drawing a mass of media attention, and delighting international art collectors and audiences.

2014 proved to be an incredible year for Hijack, propelling his meteoric rise within the art scene. In June 2014 Hijack mounted a solo show at Galerie Moretti & Moretti, one of Paris’ most chic contemporary galleries, entitled “Life Through Street Art.” In November 2014, Hijack had his Asian art show debut, with an exhibition at Japan’s Gallery 21. The Gallery 21 show created an avalanche of press for Hijack, including a feature in Vogue Japan.

In 2015 he partnered up with world renowned swiss watch makers "Hublot" and Fashion TV to have a show on the Swiss Alps in Gstaad. The show took place in the world renowned palace hotel and got a lot of collectors attention.

In addition to his gallery shows and solo street art installations, Hijack also collaborates with other internationally-renowned street artists, including New York’s Cope and Japan’s Dragon 76.